Being in business for so many years in the same location,we’ve developed friendly ongoing relationships with a number of groups and other businesses. Here are some of them, in no particular order. If you feel you’ve been left out just drop us a line.

The Foam Rangers Homebrew Club is the oldest homebrew club in the Houston metropolitan area. They meet every third Friday of each month at 8PM at Defalco’s, except for October, which is the month of world famous Dixie Cup.
Kahn’s Deli is just around the corner on Rice Blvd. and has been feeding Ginger Man staff and customers for many, many years. Mike Kahn has been a valued friend and patron for as long as anyone can remember.
More importantly than being a true local success story, the Saint Arnold brewery makes great beer. We may not always carry all of their products (there are so many beers and so little tapwall and cooler space), but we usually have many of them.
The Istanbul Grill is just 2 doors down from us on Morningside. They have great Turkish food and the people there are wonderful. I’ve had many just-before-closing Döner Kebabs to-go from there.
Sometimes folks from the Houston Doberman Rescue group will gather on the front deck with their dogs. The dogs are amazingly well-behaved. For the last 5 years, The Ginger Man has hosted a “Rescue Rally” with HADR and other dog rescue groups. Watch the front page of our website for notices of the next one. We’re a dog-loving bunch!
A long time ago, DeFalco’s was next door to us (in fact, before we were here). They’ve moved a few times over the years, but the friendship remains. Loving all aspects
of beer is a good basis for a long friendship.
El Meson is just down the street on University. Great food, great people. Chef and owner Peter Garcia is a wonderful host and they have a truly award-winning wine and tequila selection.
If you desire a cocktail, we suggest Under the Volcano on the corner of Morningside and Bissonnet. Many years ago we were related, but now we’re just friends. I couldn’t find an official web site or logo anywhere, but considering Pete used a manual typewriter well into the computer/word-processor era, I guess I’m not too surprised.
The Briar Shoppe is just a block from us and is a haven for all our cigar and pipe-smoking friends.
Nash D’Amico’s restaurant is just across the street from us. If you’re in the Village at lunch time during the week, they do a daily steam-table special that is one of the best food deals around.