Good press

We’re a little shy about tooting our own horn, but luckily there are others who will do it for us. A number of publications have printed nice things about us. Here are excerpts from a few of them.

Best Beer bars, Houston Press, 2013#4, The Ginger Man

“The selection of European beers is among the best in the city. It’s also very hard to beat a pint on The Ginger Man’s back patio in springtime.”

“I am on record as saying that Mr Precious’ first Ginger Man, in Houston, Texas, is one of my favorite pubs in the United States. This is not only because it has a fine selection of beers (a feature hardly ever found in Ireland, where Guinness suffices) but also because it is a true pub, where it is possible to indulge in conversation without having dubious entertainments or food pressed upon one. Despite its name, it has no oppressive theme, either as a literary bar or as an Irish tavern.”

-Michael Jackson in “Failing to meet The Ginger Man”,originally in Ale Street News (reprinted here)

“…An American Haven of chaotic craziness…surely the most interesting of pubs in Houston, Texas…I have never found anywhere quite like it and I don’t think I will again.”

-Dublin’s Evening Press

“… one of the best beer bars in the world”

-Michael Jackson’s “Beer Companion”



“Best Outdoor Bar”

- Houston Citysearch

“Tucked away in the Rice Village is an institution.

For the last 15 years, The Ginger Man pub has quietly set standards for the discerning beer drinker. The rest of the “beer pack” has been playing catch-up ever since.”

-Scott Birdwell in “Bird on Beer”, Houston Chronicle, January 21, 2000

“The highlight of this Rice University tavern is the hundreds of beers in bottle and on tap, including many seasonal selections. The menu is divided by type of beer and country of origin. Beer can be ordered by the half pint, pint, 23-ounce glass or 60-ounce pitcher. The dark wood homey interior provides an ideal backdrop for close conversation or rousing parties. Aside from beer, the menu offers light snacks, wine, cider and coffee.”

-Citysearch Editorial Profile

The best of the local beer bars is The Ginger Man, which opened in 1985 in the Rice Village.

The beer garden in back, filled with picnic tables, is arguably the best place in Houston to enjoy a quality beer, even during the warm summertime evenings.

For those who do not like beer, the bar has a small, but well-thought-out selection of wine and ciders (including four on draft).

-My Table Magazine, By Mike Riccetti, April-May 2004